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Go Goddess Girl!
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30th-Mar-2009 01:19 am - Makeup: Empowerment or Enslavement?

Heya Everyone,
Not posted since my intro a couple of month ago but this time come bearing a question. Question hidden to avoid annoying longwinded explaination ...Collapse )
22nd-Mar-2009 07:04 am - Girl Power Lyrics
dark forest
So I am a huge Madonna fan and I was listening to Confessions on a Dance Floor and I thought these lyrics are girl power to the max. So I figured that I would post them here for our members and while I'm thinking about it. I wouldn't mind some recommedations for good books on feminism and gender studies.

Like It Or NotCollapse )
28th-Mar-2009 01:32 pm - intro
[film]the devil wears prada-ms
Interests: movies
random movie references
bill murray's characters
british humor
choosing between two evils
dennis hopper as director
detective work, leave bottle
doing nice things for people
diy attitude
go everywhere, do everything
keeping the past past
take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time
terribly random happenstances
steve carell
stupid pet tricks
stupid human tricks
travel to a point, where there’s no point

Hobbies: writing, photography, making graphics and mixes for friends, reading, trying new things

Favorite Woman in History: Anne Bonny

Favorite Female Character: Michelle in American Pie

Role Models: Doris Wishman, Barbara Walters, Mae West, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, Queen Elizabeth I, Kathryn Bigelow, Mary Magdalene, Diane Keaton, and you know I like Rosie O'Donnell I don't care what anyone says...

How Did You Find This Community? random browsing
What Would You Like To See? Girls being awesome, girls talking about girls being awesome…opinions on Dollhouse?
20th-Mar-2009 01:42 am - Which Classic Beauty Are You?
dark forest


So I'm back again for taking those addicting quizzes and I thought why not make another post for it? I'll be back to post my results, I got Audrey Hepbrun XD

14th-Mar-2009 02:11 am - Introduction
Mercury waves
Hello, all!

Name: Ami Ven (Katie)
Age: 22
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Interests: science fiction, literature, art... with dabbles in many other things
Hobbies: writing (I'm working on a Sci-Fi novel), reading, drawing...
Favorite Woman in History: Queen Elizabeth I of England
Favorite Female Character: Nancy Drew, with Rosalind from Shakespeare's As You Like It a close second.
Role Models: none specifically, but I am inspired by people like the sufferagettes and other brave women of yesterday.
How Did You Find This Community?: A random stroll through the "interests" search.
What Would You Like To See?: Surprise me!
ocean _ dreamer

Name: Delphine
Age: 20
Location: Long Beach, CA
Interests: my pets, history, mythology, marine biology, religion, disney, tattoos, love
Hobbies: writing, listening to music, traveling, swimming, watching movies, playing pool
Favorite Woman in History: Right now, Queen Katherine of Aragon
Favorite Female Character:  Hadassah, and Evey O'Connely [ the mummy ]
Role Models: My mother, the witch on a moonlit broom ride
How Did You Find This Community?: Through searching Anne Boleyn communities
What Would You Like Too See?: Song lyrics, pictures and stories.
universe & you
name: Meep
age: nearly 20 (!!1)
location: Nowhere, VT & Boston, MA
interests: feminism, gender history, gender & queer theory, media studies
hobbies: collecting/reading/fangirling over anime & manga, BJD, surfing the internet, wearing frilly skirts
favorite woman in history: Joan of Arc
favorite female character: Minerva McGonagall
role models: my mother, my best friend
how did you find this community? perhin's link in innocentgirls
what would you like to see? 'm not sure, the comm's pretty new so it's really hard to say~

Oh, dear. Narrowing it down to one favorite woman in history and one favorite female character was hard.
♥ Francesca Lia Block
♥ Anne Rice
♥ Diana Wynne Jones
♥ J.K. Rowling

I had a hard time coming up with that list. Most of my favorite authors are male, though some of them do write wonderful female characters. Hopefully this theme will give me more female authors to read.
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